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Light storage type self-luminous evacuation signs set(1)

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Evacuation signs are one of the important fire fighting facilities to ensure people's safe and quick escape after a fire. In the evacuation aisle and the main evacuation route on the ground or near the ground wall set luminous evacuation signs, can effectively help people in the smoke filled situation, timely identification of evacuation location and direction, to avoid casualties, to play a very important role in the safe evacuation.

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At present, the world's building luminous evacuation signs are mainly two kinds: one is the electro-luminescent evacuation signs (light type, electronic display, etc.); the other is the photoluminescent evacuation signs (mainly light storage self-luminous type). Conventional use of electroluminescent evacuation signs, because it includes a set of circuit, electrical, battery system, requires regular maintenance and maintenance, the safety factor is difficult to get long-term protection.

The core material of the light-storing type self-illuminated evacuation indication system has the performance of light absorption, light storage and luminescence, and can be continuously illuminated in the dark after absorbing various visible lights. Therefore, the light storage type self-luminous evacuation signs are gradually promoted and used. However, there are some problems in the process of application, which are worth exploring.

The advantages and disadvantages of light-storing type self-luminous evacuation signs


The raw material of the light-storing type self-luminous evacuation sign system is mainly extracted from the rare earth in China, which is a high-tech self-luminous product of alkaline earth aluminate and silicate activated by rare earth elements. 

Light storage type self-luminous evacuation signs in the general indoor light natural light absorption 10 ~ 30min, can continue to glow at night in the dark for more than 12h, and light absorption - luminous process can be permanently repeated, not only to meet the emergency lighting conversion time after the power failure, but also safe and reliable, luminous brightness and duration is the traditional luminous. 

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The luminous brightness and duration is 30~50 times that of traditional luminous materials, and the luminous materials are non-toxic, non-radioactive and do not pollute the environment. When an accident occurs in a public place or there is a power failure, in the state of complete darkness, people are very easy to chaos, and the light storage type self-luminous evacuation sign system can provide continuous clear instructions, in an emergency, people lying on the ground to escape from the smoke and fire can escape under the guidance of self-luminous body.

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