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Customize High Quality Photoluminescent floor markers

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•Size: Diameter:40mm,50mm,75mm,100mm,etc.
•Thickness: Depend on customers' requirements
•All symbols conform to ISO 7010, where applicable
•Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, glow in the dark
•Easily punched or drilled and easy to fix with adhesive tabs or no nails grab adhesive
•Weather & UV resistant
• Broad Range. Choose from over thousands of fire extinguisher safety signs and labels.
• Durable Signs. Our aluminum signs outlast weather and daily wear and tear.
• Affordable Labels. Adhesive Vinyl Labels are affordable and guarantee great durability.
  • Ym-FS-30012

  • Yeming

  • 202305051421

  • Hangzhou Yeming Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Particle size:

Product Description

Compared with other buildings,the walls in Airport,Supermarket,Subway and other public places are much less,so the floor is the best place to be installed the signs.Aim at the above situation,Yeming developed many different kinds of floor signs.Among all the floor signs,we strongly recommend the toughened glass signs,because they are anti-scratching,very strong,easy to be installed and also much more beautiful,they were already very popular in China and were widely used in the metro stations,airports,supermarkets etc.,

Yeming`s high quality photoluminescent floor signs can be made based on materials stainless steel.rigid PVC and toughened glass,their sizes,shapes,pictograms, luminosity,thickness can be made according to the specific requirements from our customers.

Material: aluminum/stainless steel,Matte rigid PVC


Body Color: photoluminescent+yellow
Emitting Color: yellow-green,customized
Design: arrows,depend on customers' requirements
Luminance: 1200mcdm2 after 10 minutes and 170mcd/m2 after 60 minutes
Afterglow Time:

>20 hours

Certificates: ISO9001 and ISO14001



Features of Yeming's Photoluminescent Exit Signs:

✅ No Electricity Power Consumption

      -Use photoluminescent glow in the dark technology

✅ Durability

      -Glow in dark >20 hours After absorbing visible lights for 5-10 minutes

✅ Environment Friendly

      -Harmless,non-toxic and non-radioactive

✅ Easy Installation

      -Non-electrical and no wires required,just use glue or screw

✅  Outdoor Use

       -Yes,because there is a layer of strong protection varnish on the top of Yeming's photoluminescent exit sign

✅  Life Time

       -More than 20 years indoor and more than 5 years outdoor


Hangzhou Yeming Sicence&Technology Co.,Ltd.,has produced photoluminescent exit signs for more then 16 years,there is a team of employee with enriched expericence and high technology,we can produce different kind of photoluminescent signs according to customers` specific requirements.

Since 2005,our photoluminescent signs production department produced very large quantity of photoluminescent signs for our customers in Switzerland,Norway,Sweden,Japan,France etc. and were awarded high praise from our customer.

workshop-final 300

Packing and Delivery

A)Inner package:10pcs per bag and 100pcs per carton;

B)Outer package:wooden case for small order quantity;

C)When the quantity is large,they also can be packed with pallet;

*Remark:the goods also can be packed according to the specific requirements from Customers.

sign packing

Our Service

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How does the photoluminescent exit signs work?

They charge the lights from the surrounding natural or ambient light and then glow in dark for many hours.

2.How many hours will the photoluminescent exit signs glow?

When fully charged, the products can be seen glowing in total darkness environment even after 12 hours.

3.What are the life time of the photoluminescent exit signs?

It is at least 20 years when installed indoor.

4.Can the photoluminescent exit signs be used outdoor?

Yes,but just the ones made with metals carrier(aluminum and stainless steel) can be used outdoor,because there is a layer of protection varnish on the top of Yeming's metal photoluminescent signs,

5. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A)There is a team of employee with enriched expericence and high technology,can made to order in a huge range of styles, thicknesses and specifications;

B)The quality of our photoluminescent signs are extremely stable,because the main materials like photoluminescent pigments,photoluminescent rigid PVC sheets etc. are produced by ourselves;

C)Our prices are competitive;

After-sale Service