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Photoluminescent Aluminum Sheets


Photoluminescent aluminum sheet is also called as glow in the dark aluminum board or panel. It is made from photoluminescent pigment coated onto normal aluminum sheet.

The photoluminescent pigment is sprayed onto the surface of aluminium board providing a blank canvas for sign production or other applications.

The photoluminescent aluminium sheet can be screen printed onto to produce various safety and glow in the dark signs.

Applications:  Emergency safety sign and marker,stair egress escape way-finding system, cut out of profiles and shapes,advertising sheets etc.

Life time:The photoluminescent sheets are non-toxic and non radioactive, Indoor durability is longer than 25 years.They also can be used outdoor,its life time is longer than 20 years,because there is a layer of strong protection varnish on the top to protect the inside photoluminescent layers.

We also can offer the cutting service according to the customer specific requirements.

Yeming can offer backing adhesive service according to the customers' specific requirements.