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Photoluminescent Stair Nosings


Stair nosings are a safety necessaries when constructing or upgrading a building,they not only protect stairs from wear,but  also help people using the stairs from slipping.Traditionally, these nosings have been made from rubber or other non-slip substances.

With the introduction of Yeming's photoluminescent stair nosings, a new level of safety and durability can be attained.Yeming's glow in the dark stair nosings are made from the high quality photoluminescent pigments manufactured by ourselve,after a quick light charge 5-10 minutes,they can glow in the dark for more than 20 hours.

During an emergency evacuation in a situation involving a power failure, people will still be able to see and use the stairs safely if the glow in the dark stair nosings are used.If you want to make your buildings more safer,Yeming's photoluminescenet stair nosings are the best choice.