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  • Factors influencing the road performance of self-luminous traffic signs(2)


    UV aging resistanceAccumulation type self-luminous traffic safety signs in the process of use, often subject to ultraviolet radiation in the sun, in the ultraviolet light irradiation can effectively stimulate the light-emitting material to play its performance, but also cause the material surface la
  • Factors influencing the road performance of self-luminous traffic signs(1)


    Energy storage type self-luminous traffic safety signs in Zhejiang Province has entered the promotion stage, taking into account the self-luminous traffic signs products installed in the field environment, bearing the temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, wind, salt fog and acid and alkali envir
  • How To Make Glow in The Dark Fishing Lures


    The secret to making good bait is to try to imitate what a real fish looks like during the day and at night, and we happen to solve this problem neatly in ours article. That is to use luminous powder to make luminous paint to achieve the effect of the fish bait glowing in the dark.
  • Teach You A Trick To Make Luminous Powder Paintings


    This is a technique of painting with glow in the dark powder, without mixing it into any clear paint. It is a simple method of applying glow onto a surface without having to mess around with clear paints and worry about mixing ratio and so on.
  • Long afterglow luminescent materials for biological applications


    Long afterglow luminescence is a phenomenon in which a substance continues to emit light even after the excitation light has stopped. Long afterglow luminescent materials do not contain toxic heavy elements and can be excited prior to detection and imaging, enabling biosensing and imaging under "no-
  • History of the development of long afterglow luminescent materials


    Long afterglow luminescent material is referred to as long afterglow material is a photoluminescent material. It is a class of material that absorbs energy and continues to emit light after excitation stops, and is a promising material for application.Long afterglow material is one of the earliest r
  • New energy storage luminescent materials and their development trends(2)


    Electroluminescent materialsElectroluminescence is the direct conversion of electrical energy into light energy of a solid luminescence phenomenon.In 1923, Loservi in the study of silicon carbide detector, found in the silicon carbide crystal applied a positive bias, will be accompanied by the pheno
  • New energy storage luminescent materials and their development trends(1)


    Light-emitting materials, generally refers to materials that can emit visible light. It is said that during the period of Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, the Japanese presented a painting, nothing could be seen during the day, but at night a lying cow could be seen. When we found out the reason


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