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What is glow-in-the-dark powder

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Phosphor (commonly known as glow powder), usually divided into photoluminescent storage glow powder and glow powder with radioactive two types.

photoluminescent pigment YmO-10LA 1

Photoluminescent storage glow powder luminescence reason is phosphor in by natural light, fluorescent fire, ultraviolet light and other illumination, the light energy stored, after the light illumination, in the slow release of fluorescent style, so that in the dark or gloomy place, can still see luminescence, continue to work up to a few hours to a dozen hours.

Radioactive glow powder, luminescence is mixed with radioactive materials in the phosphor, the application of radioactive materials continue to retrieve rays to excite the phosphor luminescence, this type of glow powder glow work is very long, but due to toxic and harmful and environmental pollution, etc., in order to use the scope of small.

The role of luminescent powder has two points.

1. Made of weak lighting source

People in the actual life of the use of glow powder glow properties for a long time, made of weak lighting source, in the military sector has a special use, the material coated in aviation instruments, clocks, windows, machines, various switch signs, door handles, etc., but also available in a variety of light-transmitting plastic pressed together into a variety of symbols, parts, supplies (such as power switches, sockets, fishing hooks, etc.). 

These glow parts by light irradiation, night or accidental power outages, lightning after getting up, etc. It is still in continuous light, so that people can identify the direction of the surrounding, for the convenience of work and life. glow material ultra-fine particles mixed into textiles, so that the color is more vivid, children wearing glow textiles, can reduce traffic accidents.

2. glow materials

Domestic and foreign luminescent materials are mainly made of ZnS (zinc sulfide) SrS (strontium sulfide) and CaS (calcium sulfide), emitting green and yellow light. However, SrS, CaS material is easy to deliquescence, bring difficulties to a wide range of applications. 

glow in dark pigment

So the market is mainly ZnS-based glow material. But its afterglow time is only 1 to 3 hours, and it is easy to deteriorate and blacken in strong light (such as sunlight), ultraviolet light and humid air, so its application in many fields is limited. Adding drill, copper co-activated ZnS glow powder although it has a long afterglow time, but it has infrared quenching phenomenon, under the electric light (containing more red light) irradiation, the afterglow quickly extinguished.

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