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Can different colors of glow powder be mixed?

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Glow powder has a wide range of uses, it can be used not only in clothes, but also in crafts and household items. glow powder said good or bad, because the glow powder color only a dozen, then the question arises, I want other colors, then is it possible to mix two different colors of glow powder. Wrong! Glow powder is not possible to mix the two colors, why it is here to talk about the characteristics of glow powder.

Glow powder is a very small diameter of the substance, the powder is relatively soft, so commonly used in the processing and production of paint spray paint, many people worry about glow powder is not toxic, in fact, modern processing and production of glow powder after testing are non-toxic and harmless, and will not produce explosive substances.

photoluminescent pigment YmO-10LD 5

We can choose a variety of colors to match other substances to deploy glow powder, absorb light source is also very wide, light and sunlight or scattered light after irradiation itself material absorption can be achieved after the storage of light and issued. This is a cycle of absorption and release of light process. 

According to the nature of glow powder, the larger the general glow powder particles also means that the glow powder glow brightness is better, the surface is also more shiny, but the key to choosing glow powder does not lie in the brightness, to combine the specific manufacturing process to choose glow powder. Because the nature of the glow powder itself can be soluble in water, and in acidic substances are easier to decompose, in order not to destroy its own nature recommended glow powder do not randomly into the mixed water and acidic substances.

Glow powder in the current market, the mainstream color: yellow-green, blue, red, but is divided into SNC (short-acting), 9338 (long-acting) and waterproof. glow powder as we all know, the visible light can be absorbed and stored, and then automatically glow in the dark.

That two kinds of glow powder why can not mix it, because if the two colors mixed, will lead to two kinds of glow powder brightness decline, so here is not recommended that you mix the glow powder. Another point to note is that glow powder can not be toned, because it will affect the effect of its light absorption and glow.