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A new breakthrough in energy storage luminescent materials

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(1) the product particle size of energy storage luminescent materials. Previously, the particle size can not be too fine, generally controlled at 180 ~ 300 mesh is appropriate, because too fine will destroy the intrinsic structure of its crystal, directly affecting its luminous brightness and afterglow time. But has developed a new product, its material particle size of 1260 mesh, and did not affect the luminous brightness and afterglow time.

(2) in the production of light-emitting ink, paint, light-emitting plastic, etc., in order to achieve a more desirable luminous effect, the quality fraction of light-emitting materials used are generally around 50%, the minimum can not be less than 30%. The price of luminescent materials is relatively expensive, the better luminescent materials sold for about 4 yuan / kg, which directly affects its application, thus reducing costs and is one of the purposes pursued by developers. The newly developed 1260 purpose light-emitting materials, in the production of light-emitting plastic masterbatches, the amount added is only 10%, its brightness and afterglow time are not any influence.

glow in the dark stair nosing (5)

(3) do application tests found that when spraying the same light-emitting materials, the use of different shades of substrate, the luminous brightness and afterglow time obtained is not the same, the substrate is white, its luminous brightness is the highest, the afterglow time is also longer, and dark (red, blue, etc.) of the substrate, its starting luminous brightness is darker, the afterglow time is also shorter.

(4) water-based accumulator luminous materials. In order to meet the needs of environmental protection, energy storage luminescent materials can also meet the technical requirements of water-based coatings, good prospects for development. Reportedly, the use of divalent pin-activated strontium aluminate for luminescent materials, with acrylic resin method or polyethylene wax method of luminescent material surface coating treatment to improve the stability of luminescent materials in hydrolysis. The use of water-based epoxy resin emulsion as a base material, with the relevant fillers, additives, curing agents, etc. with the accumulation of luminescent materials made, will be painted on the surface of the object, the coating film formed after drying, can be irradiated by a light source, fluorescent in the dark, the afterglow time can be more than 12h.

(5) The use of nanotechnology to improve the technical performance of energy storage luminescent coatings. The use of rare-earth silicate or rare-earth aluminate nanomaterials, the surface of the material coated with 2 layers of waterproofing agent made of accumulative luminescent materials, luminous intensity can be increased by more than 20%, the afterglow time can be extended by more than 40%, water scrub resistance can be more than 5000 times.


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In recent years, the accumulation of light-emitting materials in the technical progress, scientific and technological content and application areas have been greatly improved. As China has a wealth of rare earth resources, for the development of energy storage luminous materials in China provides an excellent material basis, coupled with the majority of our scientific and technical workers in research and development, development process of continuous innovation, in the international arena with a leading position in the energy storage luminous products, has been constantly generated. In the near future, energy storage light products in energy saving, dressing up society and people's lives will play a more and more important role.