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Glow in The Dark Vinyl Printable DIY Decal Photoluminescent Film

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Yeming`s photoluminescent adhesive vinyl is a photoluminescent film made of soft plastic and backed with adhesive paper.They are non-toxic,harmless and don`t contain any radioactive elements. After charging visiable light for 5-10 minutes,they can glow in the dark for a long time.
  • YmM-PVC-15

  • Yeming

  • 202306021549

  • Hangzhou Yeming Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Particle size:

Product Description

Yeming's photoluminescent film is a kind of printable Luminescent self-adhesive film. The photoluminescent vinyl film absorbs the sunlight and gives off glowing in the dark to provide safety signage and visibility in dark or dim conditions.

Our professional afterglow films are based on strontium aluminum and are characterized by an immensely higher and longer luminosity compared to other light films. At the same time, our films are completely non-toxic and harmless.

Processing: the paper or the film can be cut into shape as desired and also glued on if required. There are no limits to the areas of application: The films are suitable for many creative activities such as crafts, decorating, and many other hobbies. Usage/examples.

Possible areas of application are, for example, glowing stars in the children's room, wall decoration, decoration of e.g. containers, jewelry or candles, room markings, escape route markings, light duration, and all films offered by us glow-in-the-dark for more than 8 hours.


Different luminosity level and different material(PVC/PET) can be chosen in our factory,please see the below table:


Material: PVC
Size:       50mx1m/45.7mx1.24m/customize
Adhesive: Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
Emitting Color: yellow-green,blue green,sky blue,orange,red,etc,customized
Design: customized
Afterglow Time:

Recycle glowing 4-12hours


● Can be printed with any image you want

● High luminescent rate

● Glow time >4 hours





Features & Usage area

Features of Yeming's Photoluminescent Film:

✅Superior initial and retained photoluminosity

✅ Increases visibility of markings and signage in dark and low-light conditions

✅ Requires no additional electrical power and continues to glow in the event of electrical failure

✅ Flexible and conformable

✅ Pressure-sensitive adhesive


Usage area:

Safety Signage

Photoluminescent vinyl is commonly used to create safety signage for low-light or dark environments, such as emergency exits, evacuation routes, and hazard warnings. Public security fields such as hotels, ships, airplanes, corridors, office buildings, theaters, warehouses, cabins, and underground passages.

Emergency Response

Photoluminescent vinyl can be used to create markings and signage that guide people to safety during emergencies, such as power outages, fires, and natural disasters.F200 is the indoor and outdoor marking of emergency exits and dangerous locations.

Advertising and Branding

Photoluminescent vinyl can be used to create eye-catching advertising and branding materials, such as billboards, banners, and vehicle wraps.

Interior Design

Photoluminescent vinyl can be used in interior design to create unique and visually appealing wall graphics, murals, and decorations.

Architectural Applications

Photoluminescent vinyl can be used in architectural applications to create illuminated walkways, staircases, and other features that improve visibility and safety.

Transportation Safety

Photoluminescent vinyl can be used to create high-visibility markings on vehicles, bicycles, and other modes of transportation to improve safety in low-light or dark conditions. Vehicle safety signs.

Recreational and Entertainment

Photoluminescent vinyl can be used to create glowing signage and decorations for recreational and entertainment venues, such as bowling alleys, nightclubs, and amusement parks.


This photoluminescent vinyl roll is not recommended for the following applications:

Dirty substrate surface, solvent cleaning, grease, and silicon coating will affect the adhesion of the glue.

Shelf life

2 years in the material's original packaging, the storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%


Hangzhou Yeming Sicence&Technology Co.,Ltd.,has produced photoluminescent exit signs for more then 16 years,there is a team of employee with enriched expericence and high technology,we can produce different kind of photoluminescent signs according to customers` specific requirements.

Since 2005,our photoluminescent signs production department produced very large quantity of photoluminescent signs for our customers in Switzerland,Norway,Sweden,Japan,France etc. and were awarded high praise from our customer.

workshop-final 300

Packing and Delivery

stair nosing package

Our Service

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Can i get a free sample before order?
Yes,of course,the free samples can be provided.

2.Can the size or luminosity level be customized?


3.How does it work?
After charging any visible light(flourescent light, standard light bulbs, etc) then glow in the dark after that the light is off.

4.How can you guarantee quality?
Samples are always sent to our customers for checking the quality before mass production and we also always do the strict quality inspection before shipment.

5. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A)There is a team of employee with enriched expericence and high technology,can made to order in a huge range of styles, thicknesses and specifications;

B)The quality of our photoluminescent film are extremely stable,because the main materials like photoluminescent pigments,photoluminescent rigid PVC sheets etc. are produced by ourselves;

C)Our prices are competitive;

After-sale Service