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Teach You A Trick To Make Luminous Powder Paintings

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Glow in the dark powder painting


This is a technique of painting with glow in the dark powder, without mixing it into any clear paint. It is a simple method of applying glow onto a surface without having to mess around with clear paints and worry about mixing ratio and so on.

The only items required for this painting is a pack of glow in the dark powder and a can of clear spray paint. You can get the clear spray paint at any paint dealer.

Method of Painting

1) Pick up the object you wish to paint. Mask off the areas you do not wish to paint.

2) Spray a very thin layer of clear coat over it

3) While the surface is still sticky, sprinkle glow powder over it.

4) Shake off the access powder and spray another thin layer of clear coat over the object to seal the first layer of glow powder.

5) After each coat, check the evenness of the painting by exposing it to light and bringing it in the dark.

6) For an even and bright glowing surface, we suggest building up the coats of glow layers by repeating Steps 2 to 4 a few times. Keep repeating the process until you are satisfied of the eveness and brightness of the glowing surface.

7) Finish the process by applying at least 2 coats of clear paint over the glow surface. This is to protect the glow surface. That’s all there is to it. You now have a well painted glowing object in your hands.


Advantages of Powder Painting

Advantages of this method of painting over actual painting with paint and brushes is that

1) This method can be done in half the time because you don’t have to wait for each layer to dry.

2) You have a concentrated bright glowing surface because you are using the powder directly.

3) It is a lot easier to do as you don’t have to mess with paint, brushes, mixing ratios (if you are mixing it yourself) and finally cleaning up the brushes, etc…

Nothing can be simpler than this, except glow spray paint sold in spray cans. For this you just shake the can, point and spray away.

Objects that can be painted with Glow Powder painting are:

Any flat surface or 3D object. This method could be a little difficult for painting large objects. Examples of objects that can be painted are Door Knobs, Light Switches, Remote Controllers, Fishing Lures, Gun Sights, Miniature Toys and more…

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