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High Quality Fluorescent Red Glow-in-the-dark Powder— Particle Size:<35um

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1)Non-toxic,harmless and non-radioactive.

2)Beautiful pure red color;

3)Application:handicraft etc.

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Product Description

Typical chemical properties:

Composition:Europium etc.
Insoluble In:alkali's, Organic solvents
Decomposition by:acids, water
Non-toxicity, non-radioactivity and non-flammability

Typical physical properties:

Appearance:Offer-white Powder
Average particle size:<35um

Typical of light source:

Exciting light:1000 lx D65 standard light
Exciting Time:5 minutes
according to Din 67 510 Part 1
Testing Machine:KONICA MINOLTA LS-150
Afterglow Time:<1 hour

1 min10 mins60 mins


  • keep goods in breezy and dry warehouse, free from humidity.

Product Advantages

Product advantages:

All Yeming's photoluminescent pigments are based on strontium aluminate,they are non-toxic,harmless and non-radioactive.Compare with the traditional Zinc Sulfide photoluminescent pigments,the luminosity of Yeming's pigments is at least 10 times as high as it and the afterglow time is also at least 10 times as long as it.

Compare with the other photoluminescent pigments based on strontium aluminate on the market,the most salient characteristic of Yeming's photoluminescents pigments are that they charge lights much faster but their afterglow level are same good.

photoluminescent pigment

Yeming has full range of photoluminescent pigments based on strontium aluminate, which include yellow-green, blue-green, sky-blue, blue, purple, white, orange and red, they can meet our customers' different demand.

We are the factory, our production team have extremely rich experience in producing high quality photoluminescent pigments and keeping their quality stable. Another,they also have rich chemical knowledge in customizing the photoluminescent pigments according to specific requirements from customers.

Company Information

About us:

Hangzhou Yeming Sicence&Technology Co.,Ltd. – A vibrant Chinese company building its reputation on the manufacture and supply of new innovative photo luminescent pigments and the related photoluminescent products on the market.

Located in Hangzhou China, Yeming Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. manufacture and supply high quality photo luminescent pigments to a wide variety of industry sectors worldwide. Manufactured according to the latest self-luminous technology, our photo luminescent pigments are acknowledged to be brightest, so they meet even exceed many international standards. They come in a wide range of emitting colours and particle sizes, and are used in the manufacture of complete range of glow in dark products.

In order to meet more customers' requirement,besides the photoluminescent pigments, we also produce plenty of other high quality photoluminescent products, which are made with our own photoluminescent pigments.

Our Team:

  • photoluminescent pigments production department

The main two leaders of photoluminescent pigments production department have been working in Yeming factory since that it was established in 2003,they have extremely rich experience in producing high quality photoluminescent pigments and keeping their quality stable.Another,both of them has rich chemical knowledge in customizing the photoluminescent pigments according to specific requirements.

  • photoluminescent signs production department

Hangzhou Yeming Science&Technology Co.,Ltd has produced photoluminescent signs for more then 16 years,there is a team of employee with enriched expericence and high technology,we can produce different kind of photoluminescent signs according to customers` specific requirements.

Since 2005,our photoluminescent signs production department produced very large quantity of photoluminescent signs for our customers in Switzerland,Norway,Sweden,Japan,France etc. and were awarded high praise from our customer.

  • sales

Our sales team had serviced the customers from more than 50 countries since 2003,they are always patient and careful,provide quick response and solutions to production, test and shipment for all the customers.

Package And Delivery


A) Inner package:1kg/bag with vacuum packing or non-vacuum packing;

B) Outer package:25kgs(25bags)/barrel(Diameter:360mm*Height:310mm);

C) When the quantity is large,they also can be packed with pallet;

*Remark: the goods also can be packed according to the specific requirements from Customers.


We are the factory,normally we have some kilos in stock,so the goods can be sent out immediately after receiving payment if the order quantity is not large.If the order quantity is large, the delivery time will be negotiated.

After Sale Service

After sale service: