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Glow in The Dark Aluminium Stair Nosing Price Philippines for Vinyl Plank

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Hangzhou Yeming's photoluminescent glow in the dark stair nosings are made from the high quality photoluminescent pigments manufactured by ourselves,so their brightness is highest you can buy,Another,after a quick light charge 5-10 minutes,they can glow in the dark for more than 20 hours,so they are very popular with the customers.
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  • Ym-PSN-0927A

  • Hangzhou Yeming Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.


Product Description



Stair nosings are a safety necessaries when constructing or upgrading a building,they not only protect stairs from wear,but  also help people using the stairs from slipping.Traditionally, these nosings have been made from rubber or other non-slip substances.

With the introduction of Yeming`s photoluminescent stair nosings, a new level of safety and durability can be attained.Because during an emergency evacuation in a situation involving a power failure, people will still be able to see and use the stairs safely as the photoluminescent stair nosings point the way. If you want to make your buildings more safer,Yeming`s photoluminescenet stair nosings are the best choice.

Material: aluminum alloy 6063 and special photoluminescent resin
Function glow in dark and anti-slip
Size: 1000mm/1500mm*60mm*23mm
Usage: stair nosings
Installation: screw or glue
Feature: Extremely high brightness and Super-long afterglow time
MOQ: 1pcs
OEM: available
Body Colour: silver/black/customize
Emitting Colour: yellow-green/blue-green
Life Time: more than 7 years indoor
Free Samples: available

Key Features:

✅ Rechargeable in sunlight or indoor light;

✅Glow all night after a quick light charge (5-10 minutes);

✅No wires or non-electrical required- No energy consumption;

✅Environment friendly,non-toxic,harmless and non-radioactive;

✅Completely washable with retail and commercial cleaning solutions;

✅Can be used outdoor;

Stair Nosings Application

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Hangzhou Yeming Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. always manufactures and supplys high quality photo luminescent pigments to a wide variety of industry sectors worldwide. Manufactured according to the latest self-luminous technology, our photo luminescent pigments are acknowledged to be brightest, so they meet even exceed many international standards. They come in a wide range of emitting colours and particle sizes, and are used in the manufacture of complete ranges of glow in dark products.

In order to meet more customers' requirements,besides the photoluminescent pigments,we also produce plenty of other high quality photoluminescent products,which includes photoluminescent signs,photoluminescent stair nosings,photoluminescent aluminum sheets,photoluminescent stones etc.


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Packing and Delivery

Inner package:1pcs per transparent bag+carton;

Outer package:plywood case;

When the order quantity is large,the outer package will be plywood pallet.

stair nosing package

Our Service

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Hangzhou Yeming's photoluminescent stair nosings environmentally friendly?

Yes,surely,they are non-toxic, non-radioactive and don't contain phosphorus, lead or any other hazardous chemicals.

2. How long time Hangzhou Yeming's photoluminescent stair nosings can glow in the dark?

Our photoluminescent stair nosings are made from extremely high quality photoluminescent resin,after charging the visible lights for 5-10 minutes,they can glow in the dark for more than 20 hours.

3.How to install our photoluminescent stair nosings?

It is simple,just use screw or glue.

4. What is the max length Hangzhou Yeming is able to produce?

It is 1500mm length at present.

5.Can Hangzhou Yeming's photoluminescent stair nosings be used outdoor?


6. Why should you buy from Hangzhou Yeming not from other suppliers?

1)The luminosity of our photoluminescent stair nosings are extremely high and the afterglow time are super long;

2)The quality are stable and the prices are competitive;

3)customized models are also available in our factory;