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What are the differences between different types of glow signs

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In our daily life the most common type of glow characters are generally glow through the LED light source, the general production of LED glow type generally resin, plastic, crystal glow characters, the industry will be these different types of material glow characters collectively known as LED glow characters! So what is the difference between blister type, resin glow characters, glow crystal characters

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The characteristics of different types of glow characters.


1, blister glow characters: is the use of acrylic materials for heating and pressing the formation of the word after the internal into the light source and it can also be used blister machine to heat the acrylic plate and then hot pressed with a mold formed by the word, so this word to people look both fighting and beautiful, but in the cost of the above to be higher.


2, resin glow word: resin in the model forged inside the formation of the word, and then inside the light source can be, but because of the production process above the fight more, the fight is also more complex, so the long cost is relatively low, do not need any professional equipment.


3, glow crystal word: the use of acrylic plates for carving the formation of words, and then put in the internal light source made, it can also be placed outside, and then add acrylic panels on the crystal acrylic plate carved words, external light, the word is usually applied to small signs above.

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What should be the best choice for the door sign glow characters?


The front sign is something that every store must have, the front sign has the role of attracting customers and beautifying the store. Most of the store front sign is the use of glow characters, and glow characters but there are so many kinds of production types, some customers will be confused, in the end, which kind of glow characters to fit their own store style as the front sign glow characters? The following I will briefly say how to choose the store front sign glow characters.


One, as an exposed bead sign, the materials used to make the exposed bead sign are galvanized sheet, stainless steel and aluminum plate, because the lamps are installed outside, so it becomes an exposed bead glow character, generally applicable to glow characters larger advertising signs. For example, advertising sign glow characters installed on high-rise buildings or venues (such as large hotels) and roof glow characters (such as outdoor roofs).


Second, indoor advertising installation has a variety of production forms, such as plastic-absorbing glow characters, glow characters light box, stainless steel glow characters, but plastic-absorbing glow characters can be said to be technically simpler. The overall process of stainless steel sign glow words and flat sign light box is more meticulous and the process requirements are more stringent, but with the development of sign, this year, resin glow word sign has become more popular store front sign, it can be said that its existence has changed people's view of sign glow words, and its process characteristics far exceed the previous door sign glow word process.


For the choice of other glow word signboard technology, it should be determined according to the actual situation of your own store. If the door sign is used for ordinary grocery stores, then the blister glow character process can be used. If a more high-end glow character is needed, you can use stainless steel glow character or resin glow character.

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