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The importance of using glow signage for safety channels

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Safety signs are to warn staff of the dangerous condition of the workplace or the surrounding environment, to guide people to take reasonable behavior signs. Safety signs can remind staff to prevent danger, so as to avoid accidents; when the danger occurs, can instruct people to escape as soon as possible, or instruct people to take correct, effective and competent measures to curb the harm. Safety signs should not only match the type and content of the warnings, but also set the correct and reasonable location, otherwise it is difficult to really give full play to its warning role.

Safety signs are classified into four categories: prohibition signs, warning signs, instruction signs, prompt signs, and supplementary signs.


glow sign

(1) Prohibited signs


The meaning of prohibition sign is to prohibit or stop certain actions of people.


The geometry of the prohibition sign is a circle with a slash, where the circle is connected to the slash in red; the graphic symbol is in black, and the background is in white.


There are 28 prohibition signs stipulated in China, among which the electricity-related ones are: no flammable materials, no smoking, no passage, no fireworks, no water fire, no fire, no rotation during repair, no refueling during operation, no crossing, no car, no climbing, etc.


(2) Warning signs:

The meaning of warning signs is to warn people of possible dangers.


The geometry of the warning sign is a black square triangle, black symbol and yellow background.


There are 30 warning signs stipulated in China, among which are related to electricity such as: beware of safety, beware of electric shock, beware of explosion, beware of fire, beware of corrosion, beware of poisoning, beware of mechanical injury, beware of hand injury, beware of hanging objects, beware of feet, beware of falling objects, beware of falling, beware of vehicles, beware of arc light, beware of roofing, beware of gas, beware of collapse, beware of pits, beware of ionizing radiation, beware of fissile material Beware of laser, microwave, slip and fall, etc.


(3) Command signs


The meaning of the instruction sign is to be observed.


The geometry of the instruction sign is round, blue background, white graphic symbol.


There are 15 directive signs, among which are related to electricity, such as: must wear helmet, must wear protective shoes, must wear seat belt, must wear protective glasses, must wear gas mask, must wear ear protection, must wear protective gloves, must wear protective clothing, etc.

glow sign

(4) Prompt signs

The meaning of the cue sign is to indicate the direction of the target.


The geometry of the cue sign is square, green and red background, white graphic symbols and text.


There are 13 prompt signs, of which 6 are general prompt signs (green background) such as:


Safety channel, peace gate, etc.; fire equipment prompt signs (red background) of seven: fire alarm, fire alarm telephone, underground fire hydrant, above-ground fire hydrant, fire hose, fire extinguisher, fire pump combination.


(5) Supplementary signs


Supplementary signs are supplementary descriptions of the four aforementioned signs to prevent misunderstanding.


Supplementary signs are divided into two kinds of horizontal and vertical writing. Written horizontally for rectangular, written below the sign, can be connected with the sign, can also be separated; written vertically in the upper part of the sign pole.


The color of the supplementary sign: the vertical one is written in black on a white background, the horizontal one is written in white on a red background for the prohibited sign, in black on a white background for the warning sign, and in white on a blue background for the sign with instructions.

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