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Emergency safety evacuation signage system for subway inter-district tunnels(1)

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Inter-district tunnels are relatively closed spaces, connected to the station at both ends of the tunnel, with a general length of 1200m and various pipelines set up on both sides of the tunnel side walls. Due to the constraints of the tunnel section design limits, the train body basically occupies the entire tunnel cavity, in an emergency, it is very unfavorable for the evacuation and rescue of passengers and staff, there are emergency evacuation safety risks.

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(1) In the interval tunnel cavity on both sides of the wall from the top of the track 2m high set cable bays, laying communications, signals, power supply, power distribution, fire alarm, water supply and drainage and other professional pipelines, cable bays and the middle of the train door is basically level.

(2) The train doors currently in operation are on both sides of the carriage.

(3) The high-voltage contact rail that provides power for train driving is on the left side of the car driving direction, about 0.4m from the ground.

(4) The fire hose is on the right side of the direction of travel of the interval car, about 0.3m from the ground.

(5)Fire hydrant box is set every 100m on the right side of the wall in the direction of train travel in the interval.

(6)The manual alarm button (with telephone jack) is set at 1.4m from the ground in the right wall of the direction of train travel and every 100m, and the fire hydrant alarm button is set in the fire hydrant box in the interval, and the manual alarm button is basically beside the fire hydrant box. If a fire occurs in the interval and the train cannot travel to the station, it can only be forced to stop in the interval for evacuation of personnel, and the train driver should call the police through effective communication equipment.

With the rapid development of urban rail transit construction nationwide, the audience of rail transit is getting wider and wider, and it also affects people's travel habits and efficiency more and more profoundly.

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According to statistics, by the end of 2017, a total of 165 rail transit lines in 34 cities have been opened for operation or trial operation, with a total operating mileage of 5,033 km. While fully enjoying the speed, convenience and comfort brought by rail transit. 

How to further improve the safety of operation will be an eternal topic of concern for construction and operation units, especially for underground stations and underground compartments in rail transit, which are difficult to rescue due to closed space, concentrated personnel and limited evacuation capacity, and once a disaster occurs, it is very easy to cause Once a disaster occurs, it is very easy to cause serious consequences of mass death and mass injury.

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