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The use of glow powder in ink

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Glow powder in the ink using method:


1, ink special glow powder is divided into oil-based glow powder and water-based glow powder, oil-based glow powder recommended for use in oil-based ink, used in water-based ink should now be adjusted now, put a long time to lump white, lose glow effect. Water-based glow powder in water-based, oil-based ink in general, but slightly more expensive than oil-based glow powder, so generally only used in water-based media.


glow powder

2, ink selection: A, glow powder added in transparent light oil better, colored ink can also add glow powder, but the darker the color glow brightness will be lower, the darker the color of the ink to increase the proportion of glow powder added to enhance the brightness. b, different printing materials to use the corresponding ink, such as metal materials on the use of metal-specific ink, ABS plastic materials on the use of ABS-specific ink, so as to ensure that the glow ink sticks firmly.


3, add the ratio: ink 1kg: glow powder 300g ~ 1kg, the more glow powder added in this range, the brighter, add too little is not evenly dispersed, resulting in some products do not light or glow black spots.


4, mixing method: put the prepared glow powder in a small container, add an equal amount of ink, stir well with wood products (remember not to stir with metal items, otherwise it will turn black), so that the glow powder is fully wet, excluding the air on the surface of the glow powder particles, so as not to affect its dispersion. If you need to adjust the color or add additives, you can stir at the same time, you should pay attention not to have the phenomenon of agglomeration. After mixing, and then the proportion of the prepared ink will be poured into the mix, that is, glow ink. (Anti-sink agent can be added to prevent the glow powder sink) (ink is too thick can be properly added to help disperse diluent such as tenax)


5, screen printing screen selection: the general use of 80-150 mesh to screen printing tuned glow ink, there are special requirements can also choose a finer screen, but must pay attention to match the thickness of the glow powder, to ensure that the glow powder can be printed down; if the glow ink spraying should also pay attention to the size of the spray gun mouth, so as not to clog the gun mouth glow powder.


glow powder

6, screen printing (spraying); glow ink can be screen printed on white substrates, the use of reflective effect of the underlying layer to improve the glow luminescence of the glow pattern or logo and afterglow time. If the substrate is not white or light-colored, you need to use white or light-colored ink screen printing on top of the substrate, the thickness of 0. 1 ~ 0. 5 mm; after playing a good white background to keep the surface of the product without oil, no dust, and then the glow ink stirring evenly began to spray (screen printing) glow ink, the thickness of about 0. 2 ~ 0. 5 mm, after spraying (screen printing) let it dry naturally for 40-60 minutes or drying that glow products.

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