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Screen printing of photoluminescent signage

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China's deposits of rare earth materials account for more than 80% of the world, and Deng Xiaoping, China's chief designer, once said, "The Middle East has oil, China has rare earths." Rare earth ore is a strategic resource for China. Therefore, nano rare earth materials are the future development direction of our business. 

Photoluminescent safety signage is a high-tech project with low investment, quick effect and high added value. So far many people do not know and understand the product, it has a large development space in the country, the market is vast and its social and economic benefits are immeasurable.

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China's rare earth resources account for more than 80% of the world's reserves, is the most abundant country. Not only the reserves rank the first in the world, but also become the world's largest production, export and application of rare earth market dominance. In order to effectively utilize and develop China's rare earth resources, China University of Geosciences successfully developed ultra-bright, ultra-long afterglow nano rare earth luminescent powder a few years ago, filling the gap in China.

The product has strong light absorption, light storage, luminous function, can make fire safety channel self-luminous signs, luminous motorcycle safety helmets, luminous advertising signs, highway luminous road signs indicator signs, car luminous license plates, luminous paintings and other products. 

It can also be widely used in various fields such as public security, fire fighting, electric power, traffic, construction, decoration, railroad, ship, aviation, post and telecommunications, communication, airport, mine, hospital, tourism, human defense engineering, arts and crafts, military facilities, electronic appliances, etc. It is a high-tech project with low investment, quick effect and high added value. The product is not only in great demand in the domestic market, but also in the international market.

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The product not only has a large demand in the domestic market, but also has a broader prospect in the international market (can be exported to earn foreign exchange). The product has the remarkable characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and wide range of application.


1. Short absorption time, long luminous time, high brightness: the luminous material is absolutely different from reflective materials or electroluminescent materials, it can be irradiated in natural light, daylight, light for about 10-30min, night or darkness can continue to glow and release a variety of colors of high brightness afterglow, afterglow time up to 10h or more.

2. Good physical and chemical stability, long service life: the material can withstand long-term exposure to sunlight, at high temperatures (500C) and low temperatures (-60C) and other harsh environments or strong ultraviolet radiation does not darken, does not deteriorate, can maintain a good luminous state, the service life of more than 10 years.

3. Safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection: the material is tested without any radioactive substances, non-toxic, harmless, production and use without three waste pollution, the full use of natural light source can absorb light, light without power or other artificial energy, is a green environmental protection and energy-saving products.

4. Complete color varieties: existing yellow, yellow-green, blue, blue-green, purple, red and other luminous colors.

5. Wide range of uses: light-emitting paint, fluorescent ink, light-emitting printing paste, light-emitting plastic, light-emitting rubber, light-emitting leather products, light-emitting ceramics, light-emitting enamel, light-emitting fiber, light-emitting glass, light-emitting film, light-emitting word painting, light-emitting resin products, light-emitting jade and other products.

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