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Precautions for the use of injection molding glow powder pigment

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In our daily life, people find that adding luminescent pigments to injection molding products can make them glow in the dark. In the early days, the production technology was not mature, and the finished products would have a high chance of blackening.

When injecting glow powder pigment in injection molding product ingredients, you should pay attention to it first, you can add some diffusion oil first, the ratio is about five thousandths. Add this diffusion oil can play a dispersion role, another can let the high bright glow powder evenly to the surface of the material, so that the glow powder is not easy to agglomerate. Glow powder agglomeration will lead to a certain period of time there is a large number of glow powder fall into the drum, which will increase the friction between the glow powder and the screw, so it will be very easy to occur the phenomenon of blackening.

orange glow pigment

First, the formula should pay attention to the problem


1. the choice of plastic


The best choice of powder, and the higher the melt index, the better. Because the higher the melt index of the resin, the more fully play the role of light-emitting materials.


2. the choice of glow powder


The best effect with a smaller particle size of 300 mesh glow powder.


3. the choice of lubricants


Polyester hydrocarbon (such as PE, PP) resin should be selected for the lubricant stearamide, the amount of resin for the amount of 0.2%.


BS, PS, PC, AS, PMMA and other resins are selected stearamide as lubricant, the amount of resin for 0.5%-3%, generally 1%.


4. The choice of dispersant


The choice of powder PE wax can improve the dispersion effect of glow powder and improve the appearance and color of products.


5. the choice of coupling agent


glow pigment should be treated with coupling agent before adding to resin, and then mixed with resin and additives, which can enhance the mechanical properties of glow plastic products.


6. the choice of stabilizer and antioxidant


For polyolefin resin can add 0.6% antioxidant, and AT168 and AT1010 and other antioxidants synergistic effect. For ABS resin can also add an appropriate amount of antioxidant, the amount of addition can be less than 0.6%.

white glow powder

Second, the process should pay attention to the problem


1. Equipment with smaller length and diameter should be used. If the equipment cannot be changed, the temperature of the mainframe charging section and conveying section can be increased appropriately (2-3 degrees can be).


2. the speed of the host should be 15% to 20% higher than the normal case, in order to improve the speed of material running.


3. material premixing, do not let the glow powder in the high stirrer or high mixer by any strong shear and friction. At the same time, when mixing materials should try to use ceramic or plastic containers.

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