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Light-storing luminous materials in children's landscapes

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Light-storing luminous material is a kind of material that can be stored after receiving light source irradiation and can continue to glow for a period of time without light source irradiation. This material has already appeared in ancient times, known as the luminous pearl, luminous cup is a kind of light storage luminous material.

Light-storing luminous materials applied to art works also have a history, according to testimony, China's Song Dynasty, Song Taizong period (AD 939-997) had a written record, a subject for the painting of cattle will glow at night, it is said to be the use of some kind of shells made of pigments drawn to have this magical effect.

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China's landscape works rarely use light storage type luminous material, in foreign design works have appeared but is not common. This paper will summarize and analyze the characteristics of light-storing luminous materials, combined with the needs of children's landscape design, to explore how to use light-storing luminous materials to make children's landscape more diverse.

Light storage type luminous material mainly relies on a certain wavelength of light irradiation, the accumulation of energy brought about by light, after the cessation of irradiation to release the stored energy to achieve light. Different from the burning object itself to release light radiation, but a photoluminescence phenomenon - a afterglow effect. The "afterglow effect" duration is the material luminous time.

Most of the earliest artificially prepared luminescent materials mixed with radioactive metal elements, but with the progress of materials science, this radioactive components have long been abandoned. Now the popular light storage type luminous material, most of the different crystalline state of the salt or salt mixture. They base wood are not easily soluble in water, a few slightly soluble in acid, very few materials have micro-most toxic, may lead to skin corrosion.

glow sign

Initial application in children's landscape

Signs and guidance

Light-storing luminous materials into signs to guide the direction can be said to be the original application of the material, in many cases can not get electricity, the use of batteries and inconvenient, light can be obtained only through the light of energy-storing luminous materials become the ideal choice, usually through the light to replenish the energy, to the emergency will function, continuous light for a longer period of time.

For children's landscapes, this advantage is crucial. As children have not yet acquired the ability to explore the vast space alone, they are very easy to get lost and dangerous in the space without obvious markers. Signage made with light-storing luminous materials can attract children's attention through different shapes and colors. Especially at night, in places where electricity is not convenient, the light will bring a sense of security for children.

Products made from this material, such as luminous cartoon characters in the sky, arrowheads in the grass to guide the direction, luminous objects made into the shape of footprints on the sidewalk, and luminous strips, are all good signposts for children to guide the direction, and also create a colorful space for children.

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