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Light-storing luminous materials in children's landscapes(2)

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Provide lighting

With the continuous progress of material science, the luminous time of light storage type luminous material has made amazing progress, and its continuous luminous time has been extended to more than 20h, which means that the material has the promise of making lighting facilities that can absorb sunlight during the day and continue to glow all night.

Luminous time of more than 20h ultra-long afterglow luminous material, can fully meet this requirement. It can not only be made into various shapes, installed on different sites, decorated on different landscape vignettes, and can even be used independently as street lights for the site. The future is expected to completely get rid of electricity, directly through the daytime daylight to supplement energy.

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Increase the interest of children's landscape

In contemporary China, children's landscape needs urgent attention, and this attention is not simply borrowed from foreign formed children's landscape design. Especially in the present time, China's national living standard is improving, and the demand for children's landscape is also becoming higher, so how to develop China's unique children's landscape has become a top priority.

The use of light-storing luminous materials can increase the interest of China's children's landscape from the following three aspects.

1) Organic combination with other landscapes. Children's landscape itself already has a variety of elements that can form the landscape. For example, the ability to reflect the surface, cast a shadow on a surface, artificial spray formed by the steam, sparkling water and so on. The luminous properties of the luminescent materials themselves, combined with other different landscape elements, give birth to extraordinary effects. 

To get a good effect, designers must explore the site may appear in the light as the theme of the landscape. For example, now installed in the landscape vignette on the lamps, can be flexible use of light storage type luminous material to replace; in the artificial spray formed in the steam mass using light storage type luminous material can create a dream world of light; to meet the children for children's landscape fun requirements.

2) Create artificial "natural landscape". Imitate nature to create artificial "natural landscape" is also the design of children's landscape is often used when the theme. Artificial mountains, artificial materials made of fake flowers and plants, synthetic composite materials made of animal images, etc., are designed to allow children to maintain close contact with nature under limited conditions, interest in nature, and will not be in danger when exploring nature. The use of light-storing luminous materials can form an interesting "natural landscape". You can create a grass full of "fireflies"; use the flower frame to create a twinkling starry sky; lay a "Milky Way" on the ground; shallow pools of glowing fish, and even some items that do not glow in nature can be decorated with the material to produce different landscape effects.

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3) mobilize children's ability to associate. Children's landscape sometimes also bears the educational function, landscape Some of the facilities in the landscape can trigger children to think, into the inspiration of the unimaginable adult. Many people have imagined some objects around them as other things - white clouds like a flock of sheep, and images of constellations from the stars at night. 

There are also studies that show that children who regularly children who engage in associative play will have a fully developed nervous system, and it can be argued that children's landscapes must contain images that engage children's imagination. The children's landscape must contain facilities that can mobilize children's associative abilities. The use of light-generating materials can meet the needs of children's activities at night and provide different landscape effects for children's landscapes at night. 

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