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How to use glow-in-the-dark powder on crafts and its precautions

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People use glow powder in practical lifefor a long time to make weak lighting source, which has special use in military sector.

In the military sector, the material can be used in aviation instruments, clocks and watches, windows, various switch symbols on machines, door handles, etc. It can also be pressed together with various light-transmitting plastics to make various symbols, parts, and supplies (such as the luminescent powder). It can also be pressed together with various light-transmitting plastics to make various symbols, parts and supplies (such as power switches, sockets, fishing hooks, etc.). 

These glow parts by light irradiation, night or accidental power outages, lightning after getting up, etc. it is still in continuous light, so that people can identify the surrounding direction, bringing convenience to work and life. The ultra-fine particles of glow-in-the-dark materials are mixed into textiles to make the colors more vivid, and children Wearing glow-in-the-dark textiles can reduce traffic accidents.

photoluminescent pigment YmO-10LA 3

Application in industry

With the application of glow-in-the-dark powder in various handicraft industries and toy industries, more and more customers start to use glow-in-the-dark powder to change.

The performance of their own products, but the glow-in-the-dark powder itself many characteristics that most customers do not know, such as the market now There are many kinds of glow-in-the-dark powder, not only the quality difference, the price also has a big difference, many customers are difficult to buy their favorite glow-in-the-dark powder. glow powder. 

Mainly because there is no industry standard for glow powder, but not our traditional consumer understanding of the high price of the product It must have relatively good performance, especially in the crafts and toys industry, the glow time requirements are not high, the body color and light absorption. The requirements of the speed to be higher, if some users in the choice of glow powder, do not understand some of the performance of the glow powder at a time. 

The situation will take some detours in the selection and use of glow powder, in the end is the first to understand some simple characteristics of glow powder after Choose the best glow powder suitable for their own processes and requirements, do not have to be the pursuit of how long can light, all the glow powder in 2 After 2 hours of light has been very weak, said the glow 10 hours, 20 hours is only theoretical test results, the actual effect is not Not obvious.

In recent years very popular glow-in-the-dark ceramics, itself ceramics have more ornamental crafts, that after adding glow-in-the-dark powder, it not only dark places will glow, and ornamental also improved a lot, then you know this glow-in-the-dark ceramics how to do it?

glow powder

Do glow-in-the-dark ceramics first to add glow-in-the-dark powder to the ceramic clay before firing the ceramics, and then also according to the pattern you want to engage, and then follow the steps of firing ceramics on the line. The ceramics with glow powder will not only glow in the dark, but also improve the ornamental properties a lot.

1, to avoid glow powder and metal items for friction, otherwise it will affect the glow effect.

2, must control the temperature and time, the temperature is too high will let the glow powder decomposition, the time is too long will also affect the glow effect.

3, burned out of the finished ceramic often meet the problem is: bubbles, this problem is generally additive or soluble block and transparent glaze of the chemical stability of the mutual combination of problems, can change the proportion or replace the additive. Can also add defoamer to eliminate.

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