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Glow powder classification and storage methods

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Common glow powder is yellow-green light, blue-green light, sky blue and violet light, red light, orange-red light, pink light, white light, etc.

Glow powder color: pink, orange, orange, violet, red, yellow, blue-green, sky blue, purple, green because the color glow powder is more expensive, the amount of less.

Glow powder according to the glow time can be divided into: long-lasting glow powder and short-lasting powder, the service life of more than 15 years. Long-lasting glow powder absorb light 3-15 minutes, glow 6-15 hours, suitable for all walks of life; short-glow powder absorb light 3-10 seconds, can be glow 30-60 minutes, injection is not easy to black, suitable for making glow toys, glow clothing, glow signs, glow paint, glow ink coating.

glow in dark pigment

Glow powder according to the use of media divided into special glow powder: such as oil-based glow powder, waterproof glow powder coating, injection glow powder, printing glow powder, ink glow powder, coating glow powder, silicone rubber glow powder, ceramic glow powder.

Package and storage: The products are packed in waterproof plastic bags as inner package and iron barrels as outer package, or other forms of packaging can be used according to customers' requirements, which should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment, paying attention to moisture-proof, and the glow pigments that cannot be used up at one time should be kept sealed.

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