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What are the applications of glow pigments

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Glow pigments have excellent performance in coloring plastics, solvents, paper, color paste, inks, paints, coatings, masterbatches, chemical fibers, textiles, etc.

Phosphorescent Powder

Under natural conditions, as well as in dawn, dusk, foggy climates and projected light conditions, Glow luster is far more visible than conventional luster, attracting attention earlier and faster, holding that attention longer, and greatly increasing the chances of a second or even third look. These characteristics of glow pigments are of increasingly widespread commercial interest and are gaining wider and wider commercial application.

One of the earliest and most widespread commercial applications of glow pigments is in advertising of all colors and types. From advertising signs inside and outside stores, to huge advertisements along highways, from all kinds of product packaging, to all kinds of magazine covers and advertising inserts, and so on. With the development of commodity economy and science and technology, glow pigments and their properties have been widely used in more fields. For example, in the field of safety marking: fire fighting and rescue vehicles, rescue facilities and equipment, construction sites, hazardous equipment, other industrial equipment and places, traffic marking, traffic workers' clothing, forestry workers' and hunters' clothing, etc.

In the field of automation and high technology, glow pigments are also used for optical identification. For example, coding, tracking and sorting documents, mail rescue, etc. The dazzling glow colors are increasingly used in almost all other areas where color is used. For example, a variety of children's appliances and toys, modern art, arts and crafts, fashion, and so on.

1、Application in plastic products

The main methods of use in plastic products are: injection molding, extrusion, blow molding blow mold, kneading, etc..

The main principle is to melt and disperse (dissolve) the thermoplastic glow pigment in plastic products under high temperature.

The fluorescence degree of the product is related to the fluorescence degree of the glow pigment itself, the compatibility of the glow pigment and the plastic products, the temperature and time of the operation process and other factors.

white glow powder

2、Application in coating, paint, ink and color paste

The use method of thermosetting glow pigment: according to the production formula of coating, paint, ink and color paste, add the glow pigment and other materials into the high speed dispersion kettle, and carry out high speed dispersion, preferably also need to carry out sand grinding (or three stick grinding). After dispersion (sand grinding), then paint mixing (or ink mixing) is carried out. Finally filtering and packaging.