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New energy storage luminescent materials and their development trends(1)

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Light-emitting materials, generally refers to materials that can emit visible light. It is said that during the period of Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, the Japanese presented a painting, nothing could be seen during the day, but at night a lying cow could be seen. When we found out the reason, we realized that the painting was made of oysters and other pigments. This is probably the earliest known luminous material.

photoluminescent exit sign (1)

In order to meet the needs of people working normally at night without lighting, the development of light-emitting materials has become the craze of the present era. March 9, 2000, the State Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Communications, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Administration of Quality and Technology to meet the needs of reform and opening up and socialist modernization.

On April 16, 2001, the Ministry of Civil Affairs promulgated the notice of "Qualification Management for the Production of Regional Symbols". Whether the manufacturers are qualified to produce geographical signs products shall be subject to the supervision and regular testing of the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Geographical Names.

In March 2003, the meeting of Xi'an Municipality on the setting of door signs pointed out that from April 1 to August 31, Xi'an Municipality will carry out the unified setting of door signs in the urban areas of 9 districts and 4 counties under its jurisdiction. It is reported that the fire department, high-voltage electrical, traffic, high-rise buildings, human defense, industry and commerce departments have also begun to use long afterglow energy storage luminous materials.

When the 9/11 incident occurred, in the case of power outage and smoke, due to the guidance of the new energy storage luminescent materials made by the indicator signs, so that 18,000 people in the World Trade Center within 1.5h from the 110-story building to escape. Thus, the energy storage luminescent material has received great attention from the whole society. Luminous ink (security ink), luminous paint, luminous film plate, luminous ceramics (luminous arts and crafts), luminous glass products, luminous plastic, luminous fiber and a series of luminous products have been introduced. All this is inseparable from the development of luminescent pigments.

Luminous Pigment (1)

Luminous materials and their classification

Luminous color (dye) material

Luminous pigment refers to the pigment which can send out fluorescent light or phosphorescence.

(1)Fluorescent pigment. This kind of pigment refers to the pigment that needs to be excited by ultraviolet light in order to emit light, generally this kind of pigment can not last in the dark.

(2) Phosphorescent pigments. This kind of pigment can glow in the dark under the excitation of ultraviolet light or daylight. Phosphorescent pigments last longer in the dark, generally can last for several hours.

(3) fluorescent dyes. Fluorine dyes are dyes that can absorb visible light waves and ultraviolet light waves, and can transform ultraviolet light into longer wavelength visible light and reflect it. Such as acid eosin, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red and some disperse dyes. Most of these dyes contain benzene rings, heterocycles and organic compounds with conjugated double bonds. It has flashing, bright colors, in addition to the printing and dyeing of fiber fabrics, can also be used for special signs such as symbols in the dark, signs) and military tracking.

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