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How to use glow powder to achieve good effects?

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Glow powder is a kind of light storage type glow material. But sometimes users will reflect the use of the effect is not good, in fact, to make the effect of glow powder better play. Should be based on its own actual situation, different requirements, glow brightness and different uses have different methods of use. The following is a brief introduction.


Phosphorescent Powder

1. glow powder as a light storage type glow material, so the glow powder is good again have to absorb light. Electricity is the energy stored in the battery, light energy is the energy stored in the glow powder. To glow powder glow effect is good, in addition to its own storage capacity, but also to transfer energy to it.


2. glow powder is a glow material, the light emitted how to attract attention, in fact, very simple. No blocking. The luminescence is good, after the "cloud" will also be weakened.


3. glow powder for injection molding, glow powder and plastic material ratio, generally in the 4-10% or so, according to the product color shades, light color less add, dark color more depending on the principle. Note that glow powder avoid rubbing with iron, too long will turn the raw material black.


4. glow powder for printing, in order to reduce the problem of glow powder in the paint precipitation, you can use high viscosity resin, and add anti-sink agent, need to mix well before use, available thinner to adjust the viscosity, do not use heavy metal compounds as additives.


As you can see, the more transparent the paint used must be the better, if you add other colors then the effect will be greatly reduced. I hope that in the future in the process of using glow powder attention to avoid, can achieve satisfactory results.


Glow powder usage according to their own actual situation depends on the same requirements glow brightness and the same use have the same use method according to the actual production process of the product summary suitable for their own solutions under the content for reference only.

orange glow pigment

Glow powder for injection molding: glow powder and plastic material ratio general 4%-10% or so according to the product color shade light color less add, dark color more add principle depends on the ingredients: first add diffusion oil into the raw material stir minutes add glow powder stir minutes and then add color powder stir two minutes stirring time should be too long attention to long-lasting glow powder avoid rubbing with iron too long will turn the raw material black two, injection molding machine: the injection molding machine should be cleaned