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Briefly describe the preservation method of waterproof glow powder

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The continuous progress of science and technology, the market is full of new products, glow powder manufacturers in order to keep up with the pace of the times, but also continue to develop and launch new products. Waterproof glow powder is to improve its performance on the basis of ordinary glow powder, with good glow permanence, and the application range is also gradually wide. So how should this new glow pigment be preserved?

photoluminescent pigment YmO-7E (3)

Glow powder is a kind of lumenious powder, it is a kind of unsaturated state when absorbing all kinds of visible light (sunlight, light, natural light can be) and store light energy, in the dark by rare earth elements to activate the release of light energy, and can be used in an unlimited cycle. The waterproof glow-in-the-dark powder is a special waterproof water-based glow-in-the-dark powder, which is a long-lasting glowing glow-in-the-dark powder used in our daily life. This environmentally friendly color-changing pigment is widely used in water-based glow ink, water-based glow paint, water-based glow paint or directly into the water without affecting its glow glow a waterproof glow powder.

When storing the waterproof glow powder, users should try to keep it sealed, otherwise the glow powder will absorb the moisture in the air, which will cause the glow powder to clump and turn black and not be able to glow, and it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, and do a good job of moisture proofing, not to mention placing it upside down. Printing material manufacturers in the process of transporting glow powder, will be in tight packaging, and the inner packaging to use impermeable plastic bags, the outer packaging and then use paper barrels or plastic drums for packaging.

Glow powder as a glow material, want to glow effect, we choose the material should be very good light transmission, for example, you apply the glow powder on the toy, if the toy is not good light transmission, then the glow effect is not good. Therefore, if you want to glow good, we must try to reduce shading.

glow in dark pigment

The proportion of glow powder is generally in the range of 4%-20%, according to the color shades of the product, light color less added, dark color more added to the principle. Also according to the customer's different requirements to the proportion, the more the use of glow effect is better. According to different operating techniques, choose different types of transparent substrates, such as printing metal materials, we must choose metal-specific ink, such as printing PVC materials, we must choose PVC-specific ink, the higher the transparency effect is better. If you need to use water-based coatings and inks, glow powder shall be treated with special microcapsule wrapping.